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With this release of the complete original russian film modern viewers may finally have the opportunity to see what got corman so excited, and the passage of time has allowed even the soviet subtext to take on an interesting historical relevancy. After a ufo crashes in arizona, due to a space collision with a nasa satellite launch, the u. With larisa gordeichik, boris borisyonok, otar koberidze, peeter kard. The explorers are attacked by prehistoric beasts, and then lose their robot and nearly their lives. Even as a kid i loved the suits you could eat from a tube in the helmet the air car complete with a plug in the floor so it could go underwater, and of course john the robot who unfortunately met his demise in a river of. This imaginative and highly visual film is actually a sovietmade production titled planeta bur, which was purchased by roger corman and american international pictures and refashioned into a more. Planeta bur is a 1962 sovcolor soviet sciencefiction film scripted by alexander kazantsev from his novel, and coscripted and directed by pavel klushantsev. Yuri sarantsev, georgi tejkh, kyunna ignatova, pavel klushantsev. When a manned space voyage to venus goes awry, a second spacecraft is sent to the planets misty surface to locate any. But even if all most 60sera americans ever saw of planet of storms was a couple of roger cormanproduced ripoffs see curtis harringtons voyage. Planet of storms 1962, aka planeta burg, is often cited as one of the finest russian sf rocketship films ever made. It is an american adapted version of the russian scifi movie planeta bur planet of the storms directed. Professor hartman basil rathbone is also on hand to observe the exploration from a distance. When an alien artifact discovered on earth is found to have come from venus, an international team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins.

With this release of the complete original russian film modern viewers may finally. Like ptushkos sadko, this is a true gem of fantastic film. Voyage to the planet of the prehistoric women 1968 is the second of two reworkings of planeta bur, a soviet scifi film from 1959. Loving the very good visual effects and outer space sequences, but hating everything else, roger corman bought the rights to planta bur and hired young filmmaker harrington night tide to redub it into english and hire faded scream queen faith domergue cult of the cobra and. Astronauts fly to venus and find the planet filled with dangers gleaned from the epic russian scifi film planeta bur 1963. Four soviet cosmonauts land on the planet venus and find it teeming with life, some of it dangerous. See more ideas about retro futurism, science fiction and sci fi. Planet of storms russian planeta bur is a 1962 soviet film directed by pavel klushantsev, based on a novel by alexander kazantsev about humanitys first mission to the planet venus. The first was the similarly titled, voyage to the prehistoric planet 1962 assembled by director curtis harrington for producer roger corman. The rondo hatton classic horror awards page 3 honoring. In this edition of movie mixtape, we take a look at movies set in 2020 and what they predict about our brand new year.

They are to explore venus under the command of professor hartman, but an asteroid collides and explodes capella. Planeta bur is the name of the original russian film from 1962 that was then edited and dubbed in. The downside is while an uncut planeta bur version was included, battle beyond the suns original version nebo zovyot aka the sky callsbeckons. A rocket from a distant planet approaching earth must land on mars due to a technical defect, thus the inhabitants of the earth rush to their help. With vladimir yemelyanov, georgi zhzhyonov, gennadi vernov, yuriy sarantsev. It was confabulated by peter bogdanovich out of the earlier voyage to the prehistoric planet 1965, which in turn was cobbled together from planeta bur by curtis harrington at the behest of producer roger corman. Planeta bur 1962 planet of storms russian subsenglish. However, they find themselves in danger from the voracious monsters they find on it. Planet of storms planeta bur is a soviet science fiction film based on a novel by alexander kazantsev. Soviet scifi thriller planet of storms comes in from. Watch online voyage to the planet of prehistoric women is a 1968 science fiction film directed by peter bogdanovich.

The rondo awards, named after rondo hatton, an obscure b movie villain of the 1940s, honor the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation. Also a scan copy of the french booklet for planeta bur is included as a special feature also. An attempt to create a comprehensive eastern blocwarsaw pact scifi film list. Kaufen sie planet of storms planeta bur gunstig ein. A groundbreaking popular science fiction film about the past and future of astronautics, from the first experiments by. Voyage to the prehistoric planet 1965 voyage to the. After one ship is destroyed by a meteor, the remaining two ships land and explore the planet hoping to gather information about venusian life. With the exception of planeta bur, his films are speculative science documentaries not feature films. No footage from planeta bur appears in voyage to the planet of prehistoric women that did not appear. Exotic indian lovemaking indian b grade full movie 362 likes. With basil rathbone, faith domergue, marc shannon, christopher brand.

Released in 1962, planeta bur follows two soviet spaceships on a mission to venus. Planeta bur the first film of the lecture series will be the russian feature planeta bur planet of the storms. Planeta bur planet of storms, 1962 retro futurism, sci fi horror. Planeta bur, is chiefly known for the way it was plundered and mistreated by other filmmakers. In the year 2020, cosmonaut marcia faith domergue orbits the planet venus while five astronauts and a robot journey on the surface. Pavel klushanstev 19101999 was a russian film director and special effects creator. Indian kamasutra full erotic sex drama movie mp4 xxx clip 91 likes. This years email vote, conducted by the classic horror film board, a 24year old online community, drew more than 4,500 ballots, the most ever in the largest survey of the classic.

Planeta bur 1962 adventure, scifi 1 h 18 min vladimir yemelyanov, georgi zhzhyonov, gennadi vernov, yuriy sarantsev director. His first documentaryvisionary film the road to the stars presented the space age and its. Planeta bur fits the bill perfectly, but unlike destination moon, forbidden planet and. Roger corman bought the rights to the russian film planeta bur 1962, shot some extra footage featuring faith domergue and basil rathbone who at the same time, on the same set, in the same costume, shot his scenes for queen of blood 1966 another corman cutnpaste in that case of nebo zovyot 1959 and mechte navstrechu 1963. Conceived in epic terms, this is the story of a band.

That may sound like a dubious distinction, but consider. A team of astronauts crashes on the surface of venus. Planeta bur, is chiefly known for the way it was plundered and. I have not done a direct comparison to my diamond entertainment disc yet, but the voyage to a prehistoric planet print is very soft and lacking in color. Planeta bur the film opens as 3 separate russian space craft are approaching the cloud. Planet of storms planeta bur esker foundation contemporary. Planet of storms saga 19621968 russian classic scifi. It was later picked up by roger cormans american international pictures and recut for u.

Planeta bur is about cosmonauts who are lost on venus, attempting to return to the spaceship, and their adventures along the way, which include encounters with prehistoric reptiles, a volcano, and other perils. In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships vega, sirius and capella are launched from lunar station 7. Its a sad fact of cold war movie history that pavel klushantsevs firstrate 1962 scifi thriller, planet of storms a. Gennadi vernov and georgi zhzhyonov in planeta bur 1962 georgi zhzhyonov in planeta bur 1962. Voyage to the planet of prehistoric women classic scifi. Although one has to make mental corrections while reading the films english. Soviet scifi thriller planet of storms comes in from the cold the. Film festival undergraduate library blog university of. Once upon a time, there was a soviet science fiction movie called planeta bur about cosmonauts who travel to venus. This film is also known as the gill women and the gill women of venus. Russia released, ntsc usa and canada, all region, full screen. An american producer then added some new footage and changed the credits to hide the film s soviet origin. Im always short of enjoyable science fiction films to watch. Two years later the recut was recut into voyage to the planet.

The bad newsthe planeta bur print is taken from sinister cinemas print with the sc logo clearly visible in the lower right hand corner. Voyage to the prehistoric planet basil rathbone faith. With darren mcgavin, robert vaughn, gary collins, james hampton. Though they didnt know it at the time, many scifi fans of the 1960s saw the russian planeta bur planet of storms and they saw it twice. Like first spaceship on venus, the movie is about an expedition to the titular planet with the astronauts facing many perils.

The film is an adapted version of curtis harringtons voyage to the prehistoric planet, which in turn is adapted from the russian 1962 feature planeta bur by pavel klushantsev. Planet of the storms, planet of storms, planet of tempests, planeta burg sau storm planet. Accompanied by their robot, they explore the surface and end up destroying the venusian god. The original film, planeta bur, is also known as cosmonauts on. Planeta bur 1962 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Planeta bur planet of storms, 1962 sci fi horror movies. Much of the film was shot on the set of executive producer roger cormans film planet of blood.

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