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Skip to main content skip to footer site5116321098 site5116321098 used 116321098 line 6 pod hd500x amp modeler effect processor site5116321098. Check out and download signature, premium beyond our eyes guitar tones created for line 6 pod devices gx, ux1, ux2, hd 500, and hd 500x. Letthepraisesring this patch uses the brit p75 amp model which is based on the park 75 amplifier and is preset with high midrange eq, making it suitable for a live performance. See below for more details about different effects and their usage, including a video which walks through and demonstrates the different sounds. Line 6 pod hd500x patch hwy100 free download duration. Line 6 pod hd500 john petrucci clean, piezo, rhythm and. Reason being that i cant possibly get windows 7 64 bit to install the required drivers. Line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor guitar. This free software is an intellectual property of line 6. Once it found the hd500x, the edit program appeared as an option to download. The hd500x has enough flexibility to do both of the functions you mention above.

With the press of a single footswitch, you can recall up to 512 totally different rigs with changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type. Note that footswitches fs5 fs8 will only transmit your configured midi assignments when pod hd500x midi. Peters pod hd500x patches can be found at the bottom of this page. Sure, the first thing that you should try is creating a patch that covers his real stuff and see how it works. Our software library provides a free download of line 6 monkey 1. I tried using both the monkey and a manual method, yet to no avail. Download and install line 6 monkey, and run that with your hd500x, and that will tell you everything you need to do. Our builtin antivirus scanned this mac download and rated it as virus free.

With awardwinning technology and all the power you need to define your sound, pod hd500x and pro x are the most advanced pod multieffectsever. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models, six new effects models, output and gain reduction meters, signal presentclip meters, and more. Factory refurbished pod hd500x multieffects processor. Windows 7, windows 7 64 bit, windows 7 32 bit, windows 10, windows 10 64 bit, windows 10 32 bit, windows 8. Go to link, pick a sound and click install get sum. The pod hd500x is the ultimate tone palette, whether you want to recreate classics or go somewhere new with the ability to recall up to 512 totally different rigswith changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type, polyphonic alttuning, effects chain and more. Pod hd500 is a usb port which enables connection to a computer, both for recording and playback purposes, as well as for managing the pod by using the pod hd edit software, which is downloadable. Hd500x edit is definitely available for windows 10, though. So, i invested a few hours and put together an excel spreadsheet with separate tabs for each of the 6 factory set lis. This page contains links to download patches ive created using the line 6 hd500x multifx pedal. And the hd500x is a good value as compared to a ton of individual pedals. Pod hd500x to remotely control other hardware or software, such as line 6 m, m9, pod farm 2 plugin, another pod hd500x or hd pro device, or any other line 6 or 3rd party products that respond to external midi control.

Peripherymonumentstesseractish line6 pod hd presets. View and download line 6 pod hd500x edit pilots manual online. Used line 6 pod hd500x amp modeler effect processor. Line 6 pod hd500x now has a special edition for these windows versions. The actual developer of this free software for mac is line 6, inc.

Shop for the line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. Having just acquired a pod hd500x a few weeks ago, i had no luck searching the web for a printable listing of the presets that come with the factory settings for the pod hd500x. The unit also includes a new protocol called l6 link, which. I got your file fine, it was clear, but when i clicked the download link it tried to push something extra to me. However, standard model packs can be used with a computer thats been authorized with pod farm 2.

Old hat at computers for audio and video trying to connect pod hd500x to mac mini running 10. Pod hd500x recording equipment pdf manual download. Use your pod hd500x or pro x as a midi controller, an audio interface for recording guitar, and the centerpiece of your live rig. Line 6 audio device connected, each will be selectable in this list.

Exit any line 6 applications that might be running, and with your pod hd500x device powered on, launch pod hd500x edit. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models. I usually starts in this way because the emulators use to have a different sound color depending on the amps that you choose, so its a good first step to experiment to try the amp used by the artist but emulated. Downloading and installing line 6 monkey for pod hd youtube. Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x dual amp patch based on the blackface dbl fender twin and classa 15 vox ac15. Line 6 122092 pod hd500x amplifier modeling processor. Best metal guitar tones for line 6 devices beyond our eyes. This tutorial demonstrates how to download and install line 6 monkey, line 6s intelligent updater software and utility tool. Preset list for pod hd500x pod hd line 6 community. Line 6 pod hd500x advanced manual pdf download manualslib. View and download line 6 pod hd500x quick start manual online. It might be worth considering a used one as i would guess a lot of users will be selling theirs to upgrade to a helix.

Line 6 pod hd500x patch blackface 15 fendervox free. Get info on all the modeled amps that pod, pod pro and flextone ii offer. Line 6 pod hd500x patch hwy100 free download youtube. The file size of the latest downloadable installation package is 4. View and download line 6 pod hd500x pilots manual online. Emulate classic signal chains with distortions, delays, mods, filters, reverbs and more, or discover entirely new sounds by mixing and matching up to eight simultaneous effects.

Downloading and using setlists this step by step tutorial will show you how to download and install setlists onto the hd500x. Download over 400 patches for pod, pod pro and flextone ii. If you dont want to waste time on hunting after the needed driver for your pc, feel free to use a dedicated selfacting installer. See the following descriptions that match your setup. To download sci drivers installer, follow this link. If you have more than one supported device selector. Demonstration on how to download and install my custom patches for the all pod hd series.

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