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Spartan 500 workout 500 rep workout routine 87 historically the spartans were well known for their ability to fight and their prowess in war, making them an often talked about subject at any military college in the united states and abroad. Perform each exercise one after the other as fast as possible while maintaining good form. Pullups 25 reps grab the pullup bar with an overhand grip thats slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and hang at arms length. Gorgo was the queen of sparta at the time of the battle of thermopylae warmup. I did the original 300 workout and i used a 30kg barbell for the deadlifts and the floor wipers, i used a 6kg kettlebell for the clean and press and i did proper full pull ups. Hope you all enjoy this 300 workout routine and dont forget to like, share and subscribe. The truth is, the training regimen was the brainchild of the mens trainer, mark twight. The gerard butler 300 workout uses a 36 pound 16kg kettlebell for this challenge.

Spartan 300 bulletproof weighted vest workout loading. For a spartansized challenge to your daily routine, consider this your new fitness gauntlet. Dont lift heavy weights if you are alone, inexperienced, injured, or fatigued. The 300 workout body weight and calisthenics exercises.

Do not attempt this workout if you havent been exercising because its intense. It should be noted that this routine was not used everyday by the men in the film, and should not be used everyday by recreational exercisers. The spartan workout tour is a free 90 minute bodyweight session that will challenge your mind while training and sculpting you. The workout focuses on olympic lifts, functional training, and metabolic body movements. To achieve movie muscles that pop, he and other cast members used this grueling, unorthodox 300rep rite of passage. But before you dive right into the workout itself, you need to be aware of one key point that almost every other 300 workout plan article overlooks. The cool thing about this workout is that it will blast you out of any plateau or any stage where you just arent seeing results. The official 300 workout this advanced workout routine created for the movie 300 actors is brutal and will challenge even the fitness elite. As soon as the 300 movie came out, the 300 workout came out. Hike and hike with jugs if possible, perform this hike on a difficult wooded trail. And it is true that 300 spartan warriors managed to face off against.

The 300 workout routine that got gerard butler and co. For each workout level basic, intermediate and advanced, steve teaches all of the exercises individually so you can learn to perform them correctly during the actual 300 spartan workout. Our spartan coaches cater to all levels of fitness, so there are no excuses for excuses. Now its your chance to do it, to become a steel spartan warrior. Grab a workout for today, tomorrow, or whenever you need one. Quick workouts you can fit in during the busiest time of the year.

Twight created the 300 spartan workout to whip gerard into battlefield shape with a noholdsbarred, intense strength training routine consisting of 300 reps. The training regimen that whipped actors of the movie 300 into fighting shape may be too much for most of us. Steve maxwell cruel and unusual 2 kettlebell workouts. If youre looking for the full spartan training program, you can find that. Poster series the body you want amazon web services. I wanted to really challenge myself with this lower body circuit that features 300 reps of exercises that will increase your strength, power and explosiveness, while burning fat and increasing your conditioning. Im going to show you a spartan inspired 300 abs workout that will get you the 6 pack abs or flat stomach along with an awesome nutrition program. According to the interview that mens health did, gerard butlers routine was like. It wouldnt be as tough as it was back those days when you were still an intermediate. I never cared about how much i can bench press, lift or squat as long as i was getting bigger. The 300 spartan workout is best approached like a fullbody training system, using it 3 times per week on alternating days. Neila ray 300 workout 300 workout, lower ab workouts. This weight training method features an intensive ab workout training regimen, a muscle building workout and a variety of strengthening exercises. Their legend was secured through the tale of the 300 spartans who took on the.

The 300 spartan workout is best approached like a fullbody training system, using. The spartan workout exercises some major muscle groups to give you the total warrior feeling when you move. Sources for the gerard butler 300 workout routine include. But since you have already been doing the spartan 300 workout and training on the other days, you might want to tone down the weights a bit on small muscle groups like the biceps, triceps and traps since they are already being targeted during your 300 style circuit training workouts. You can do the regular 300 workout the first week and then switch to the other workout using 3 free weight exercises on the second week and so on.

Although not from the movie, the 300 workout routine incorporates 3 of the most effective body weight exercises into one daily routine. Advanced i dont mean to hurt your morals, but the 300 spartan workout cant match your level and intensity. Chart a training schedule where you get one or two spartan workout sessions per week alongside your contemporary workout routine. These exercises should be used in conjunction with a proper diet of nutrient dense foods to fuel your body through each. Often when you hear about 300 workouts it is actually because the workout consists of 300 individual exercises, or reps. Some of the cast members lost up to 40 pounds of fat while using this routine, rapidly transforming from flabby to ripped. The spartan workout is a type of minimalist workout that was named and made popular by the spartans in the popular movie 300. One of the most impressive workout routines ive come across over the past decade has had to be the 300 movie workout. Spartan abs workout more tap the pin if you love super heroes too. This is the original workout used the the cast of the movie 300. Refined carbohydrates can be linked to heart disease, while the american heart association explains unsaturated fat may lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Men and women everywhere, from all walks of life, were eager to learn how king leonidas gerard butler and his spartan warriors got their abs of steel, boulder shoulders, barn door backs, etc. This workout will not only aid in your quest for that spartan.

Spartan 300 workouts exercises to build a spartan physique. They are the core movements for building muscular strength. Without the mindset of a spartan, you will not get through it. Actors such as gerard butler and others had to endure this workout prior to showing off their fat absent midsections on screen. Spartan ab workout healthy fitness training sixpack core b i have been doing this every morning and my abs are ripped. Combine this with the right style of thinking and the. Sparta 300 lower body workout 3 versions below glutes, quads, hamstrings, adductorsabductors, calves this workout killed me, left me for dead. This month, were sharing workouts inspired by spartan race, the obstacle race that challenges participants to scale walls, throw spears, and bust out massive amounts of burpees. First 67 months i was doing 5x5 stronglifts slightly modified with jeffs from athlean x reccomendations i swapped some risky excercises with those that made more sense, dont want to get injured. The 300 workout for a fullbody transformation fitneass. Spend enough time with the 300 workout and you might just scare away some enemies. All exercises are done without any rest between each move. Ephialtes asks to redeem his fathers name by joining leonidas army. Youve seen the movie 300 and youve seen how freaking jacked those guys are.

Always ask for instruction and assistance when lifting. To see descriptions of what the cast and stunt crew of 300 were subjected to during filming search the calendar in the schedule section. Get action movie ripped in 30 days randolph, dave on. Gerard butlers 300 workout simultaneously built muscle, increased muscular endurance, and stripped fat fast. Funk roberts spartan training system 4 week workout challenge. Weight training is one of the best methods of strength training. Master chief the master chief workout the skills of master chief the solitude of master chief. Spartan workout by chet zelasko, phd this workout is an adaptation of the workout use by the actors in the movie 300 to get lean and fit. Then steve takes you through the entire 300 routine so you can see how the workout should be performed from start to finish. The exercises and dietary programs in this book are not intended as a substitute for any exercise routine or treatment or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by your physician.

Life is about challenging yourself and finding your inner beast, so whether you have visions of crawling under barbed wire and throwing spears on your local course or just want to switch up a workout routine thats. This is the original workout used the the cast of the movie 300, created by fitness trainer mark twight. The 300 workout included a onetime test to measure the fitness levels of the actors in 300. If you look to the right, and below, youll see we now have project wonderful adspace on the site now. This is the intense 300 spartan workout used by the cast of the movie that delivers results. Rise of an empire hitting theaters soon, it is no wonder that the spartan physique is now well known and soughtafter by so many gymgoers these days. Are spartan 300 workouts and training routines effective. You can either use the routine as your primary weight workout i would, or if youre already in great shape, you can use it as a cardio workout on the days between your regular weight workouts. Interviews with gerard butlers trainer, mark twight of gym jones. The program is designed around the 300rep workout used as a benchmark for the actors in the movie 300. Official 300 workout spartan challenge routine mens. Spartan 300 workout 300 ab workout ab workouts summer workouts workout gear ripped in 30 300 abs scissor kicks 300 workout.

The original 300 workout devised and popularized through renowned trainer to the stars mark twight of gym jones is now considered. Switch it up, get out there with friends, and have fun. The original 300 workout pull ups 25 reps barbell deadlift with 5 lbs. Magazine interviews in mens health, mens fitness, and esquire. Only do the spartan 300 workouts 3 days per week monday, wednesday, friday. Youll leave the gym really ready to conquer the world yelling this is sparta. The spartan workout is intended to mold the body into the kind of form seen on actor gerard butler and others in the movie. Spartan training how to train like the legendary greek warriors.

This gerard butlerinspired 300 spartan workout plan was used not only by gerard butler but also by other cast members of the popular 2006 movie 300 to prepare for their roles as king leonidas and his mighty and mightily ripped spartan warriors of the battle of thermopylae. It is a very effective full body workout and if done correctly, will give you a great physique in a short duration. But the most impressive thing about the film 300 is the ripped bodies that the actors have. Well, as it turns out, many of the actors in the movie went through a certain routine that they had to finish in order to be considered ready. The spartan 300 diet is healthy, nutritious and balanced. For those who have no idea what im talking about, the 300 workout is below. The 300 spartan workout is best approached like a full body training system, using it 3 times per week on alternating days. Funk roberts spartan training system 4 week workout. The demands on the muscles are high, and you risk injury. If thats not possible, choose a hilly course or side walk and road. The gerard butler 300 workout and diet is a 56 day routine. The national diabetes information clearinghouse also links excess saturated fat to diabetes, stroke and heart attack. In this sense, the workout challenge was a rite of passage 300 workout.

This is how mark twight created it, maybe just to hammer home to each actor what they were trying to achieve. Well, in this article i will take you through gerard butlers training and diet strategy for his role in the movie 300 and how he transformed himself. Dilioss story continues and a persian herald arrives at the gates of sparta. Try and follow this 300 workout routine for some serious results. Spartan 500 workout 500 rep workout routine fitness. Ive received a few comments about posting an alternative 300 workout for women here is one ive created specifically for women called queen gorgos challenge. The gerard butler 300 workout was designed by mark twight, a record holding mountain climber and lead personal trainer of gym jones in salt lake city, utah. Visit for the complete muscle building workout program and fat burning workout routines. One of the best parts of training is the confidence and selfassuredness that comes with improving yourself. If you do this routine every weekday for a month and will notice a huge difference in your physique and overall strength. In your first workout, you will do 10 strides and carries, walk or run easy for 3 minutes and then do 10 more strides and carries. The diet will not work if you do not combine it with a strict exercise program. Official 300 workout spartan challenge routine mens health. The 300 spartan workout pushes your body to the limit with.

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